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Missed them!

I can’t express how happy I am that I’m not seeing Willow Smith everywhere. This isn’t coming from a hateful place. Cute girl, but way too much hype. “Fireball” just gave me gas and heartburn. Go into acting and modeling. I’m sure Disney is looking for fresh faces.

This “rapper” v-nasty needs to be slapped. The “n” word doesn’t need to come out her fucking mouth. The next time it does Imma have to find this bitch and slap the taste out her mouth. Come to jersey with that that fucking mouth. One on one bitch, stop saying the “n” word.

(via chardonaay)

“Wussup muh’fucka where my money at?
You gon make me come down to your house where your mommy at
Mummywrap the kids, have ‘em cryin’ for they mommy back
Dummy that your daddy is, tell ‘im I just want my racks”

Jay-Z (Gotta Have It)


Pam Grier opens a bottle of wine

I got through my first ramadan pretty good, so pissed that I can’t follow it through to the Tuesday but my whole family is glad that I even started it in the first place. So proud of myself :)

Fucking Bullshit of a Life

Power, equality, Allah sees everything. Let's come together under the wings
-Wu Tang Clan

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